Trucks and Trailers

With our large fleet of trucks and trailers, we're able to handle all your specialized transportation needs—safely and efficiently. Count on us to coordinate and arrange logistics, ensuring your move respects jurisdictional height and weight regulations.

Choose Irving Crane for the best trucks and trailers to keep your project on time and on budget.

Please review the list below to learn more about our truck and trailer fleet.

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Tractor & Float

Brand: Tractor & Float
Capacity: 75 Ton

Tractor & Rail Float

Brand: Trail King
Capacity: 65 Ton

Tractor & 50T Float

Brand: Aspen
Capacity: 50 Ton

Tractor & 55T Float

Brand:  Felling
Capacity:  55 Ton

Tractor & Float

Brand: Step deck
Capacity: 48 - 53 ft

BWS Tag-a-Long Trailers

Brand: BWS Tag-a-Long Trailers
Capacity: 21 Ton

Tractor & High Bed Trailer

Tractor & High Bed Trailer
Capacity: up to 90 ft

Cross Country Tag-A-Long Trailers

Brand:  Cross Country
Capacity:  20 Ton

Craig Tag-A-Long Trailers

Brand:  Craig
Capacity:  30 Ton