White Rose Module Placement

The Challenge:
Move pipe rack modules for the SeaRose FPSO from inside fabrication shops in Dartmouth and Pictou, NS to Marystown, Nfld. to under-hook alongside the FPSO. The four modules ranged from 80ft to 160ft in length and weighed a combined 1095 tonnes.

Our Solution:
In the Woodside dock yard, we used MKPE 360 self-propelled hydraulic transporters to remove M15 in two pieces from the fabrication shop, haul it to the dock and load it onto a large barge. From there, the barge travelled to Pictou, NS, where we used the same transporters to remove M17 from its fabrication shop for final outfitting and delivery to the load-out jetty. At the jetty, three mobile cranes (two 200T Demag hydraulics and one 200T conventional Link Belt) lifted M17 40 feet in the air, allowing M18 (the aft section) to be positioned underneath by the hydraulic transporters, holding M17 in position while it was fitted and welded to M18.

The mated structure was narrow, tall and top-heavy. As a result, it was necessary to configure the transporters on the outboard sides of the structure, using carrying beams to support it. With the light end of the structure supported by TL 107 hydraulic trailers, the unit was then rolled onto the barge.

Following this complicated maneuver, the forward section of M18 was rolled onto the barge, the modules were welded to the deck and the barge was towed to Marystown. There, the local Lampson crane lifted the structure from the outboard side of the FPSO and placed for final installation.

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